6 sebab anda perlu belikan anak anda MealShake..bukan sekadar beli sebab testimoni best.
Jom baca 6 fakta tentang Mealshake ni..

*Complete Nutrients – Provides 24 types of A to Z essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Deficiency in trace minerals will affects the absorption of vitamins and causes inactive enzymes. It also contains soy lecithin that works hand-in-hand with fat soluble vitamins.
*Supplies Key nutrient to cells – Rich in protein (contain no lactose) that helps in forming skin, nails, hair, organs, blood, immunised cells etc.
*Aids in Growing Up – Contains folic acid, biotin, rich in calcium and magnesium that are needed for building bones and cells in the growing up process.
*Anti-Oxidants – Contains vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium which are the anti-oxidant components for anti-ageing.
*Restore skin complexion – Contains complete vitamin B-Complex, iron, copper to form healthy red blood cells, thus improves the skin colour complexion. Detoxification – Rich in soluble fibre that helps the (peristalsis of colon and stomach/bowel movement) to excrete excess fat and waste from the colon and stomach.
*Great Taste for young and old – Delicious drink with natural fructose; quick replenishment of the necessary nutrients for the body; contain no artificial colouring and artificial sugar.

Dan ini pula testimoni dari blog Pn Lia.. JOm baca..
jom baca testimoni Kak Ayu (ofismate saya tentang anak sedaranya yang baru 3 minggu mencuba Shaklee Mealshake..)..
“Sebelum ni Alif kalo makan dia mesti tunjuk 4 jari dia..maksudnya, cukup 4 kali (4 suap) dah tak nak makan dah..bukan sebab dia ada cacing ke ape ke..tapi memang dia taknak makan .. pastu badan..alahai kurus kering je..umur 4 tahun..anak-anak orang lain umur 4 tahun semua berisi..dah ler makan 4 suap je, pastu takde ulang2 dah makan..haiii…risau dibuatnya..kang tak cukup zat lar..kang terbantut lar perkembangan otak ke ape ke.. tapi, AlhamduLILLAH, lepas 3 hari try Shaklee Mealshake, Alif dah mula menampakkan perubahan..dia dah mula mintak makan..dan makan pun takde ler tunjuk 4 jari dia tu dah..makan abes sampai dia betul2 kenyang..and takde dah makan benda2 merapu tu..dan dia mula nampak aktif, ceria dan sihat.. sekarang ni bila waktu makan, dia dulu duduk di meja makan..kalo dulu panggil makan dah duduk kat meja makan pun tengok makanan je..masaklar sedap macamane pun dia cam takde selera nak makan..sekarang ni makan nak, siap kadang2 tu mintak makan walaupun baru few hours lepas makan..AlhamduLILLAH…”

Omega tu ape?

Why do we need Omega-3?

Most Doctors and Scientists today agree
that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce
the risk of heart disease & heart attacks,
cardiovascular health,
healthy vision, brain and joint function (and ease joint & arthritis pain),
help maintain
triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Where do we get Omega 3’s?

There are Omega 3’s in fish, but to get enough Omega 3, you would have to eat a
of fish (which most of us don’t do)! …and unfortunately, alot of fish today is being found to have lots of bad stuff in it (harmful contaminants including heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, dioxins and PCBs)…SO… Most doctors are now saying that the BEST source
for Omega-3’s
is a concentrated, pure Omega 3 supplement

why we have to choose Shaklee Omega 3 fish oil (now its called Omega guard)?

Shaklee EPA is obtained from sardines that are obtained in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean; far from land and potential exposure to environmental contaminants. Furthermore, the fish oil used in Shaklee EPA is tested for a number of toxins, including heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic. It does not require or undergo molecular distillation to ensure purity…Each batch of fish-sourced raw materials that goes into EPA is laboratory tested to ensure that it is free from harmful contamination or toxins, including pcb’s and heavy metals. We adhere to strict specifications, and our testing process for each EPA raw material is part of our routine screening and preliminary qualification…We retained two reputable independent laboratories to test Shaklee EPA. One laboratory performed an organo-chlorinated screen and PCB test and found none detected for all substances. The second laboratory conducted dioxin testing and found that all substances either were not detected or were below the limits of calibration. The tests were conducted using Environmental Protection Agency methodology.

dan ni komen tentang Omega (kapsul minyak ikan) dari seorang pengguna Shaklee:
Hi everyone..there are SO MANY articles about the importance of a good fish oil. The positive benefits simply cannot be denied. Once can IGNORE THEM if they choose to…..but that doesn’t mean that the benefits of taking a GOOD fish oil supplement (or the risks of not taking one) aren’t very real. Even main stream media is really starting to report what Shaklee has known for YEARS… that you can either try to eat a good balanced seafood/fish diet every single week and hope you get fresh fish that isn’t contaminated OR get the best fish oil supplement available in the world today. Omega Guard is much cheaper and safer then trying to eat fish 3 times/week…………….Still eat fish?don’t me wrong..I love fish. All I’m saying is that there are some Shaklee products that you can PHYSICALLY FEEL the difference almost immediately when you take them (ESP, CorEnergy, etc). Omega Guard helps lower cholesterol, improve nervous system and brain function, helps prevent heart disease, helps you control weight, helps your joint function, helps support eyesight, and MUCH MUCH more! Some of Shaklee’s products you INTELLECTUALLY FEEL how they help much quicker than you can physically feel how they help. That’s because it’s PREVENTION, not TREATMENT. Does that make sense? Omega Guard may be more in the intellectual side at first but the benefits to your physical and mental health are HUGE!!!!..more HERE

sekilas fakta tentang Shaklee Omega Guard~~~~It is
an Ultra-Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3 supplement. Every single batch of
Guard is processed using SHAKLEE’s state-of-the-art, proprietary, low temperature, triple molecular distillation and purification process that concentrates natural beneficial omega 3 fatty acids and helps remove all possibile toxins and harmful contaminants.
Omega Guard
provides a
full spectrum
of seven natural omega 3 fatty acids — EPA, DHA , ALA and more
berminat?..sebotol cuma rm109 (90capsules)… selamat diambil oleh ibu2 yang mengandung dan menyusu….. (iklan jap:Eating oily fish and seeds in pregnancy can boost children’s future brain power and social skills, research suggests…A study of 9,000 mothers and children in Avon, England suggested those who consumed less of the essential fatty acid Omega-3 had children with lower IQs. These children also had poorer motor skills and hand-to-eye co-ordination, research in the Economist said.)……..alaa..biasa tak kalo gi check up doktor kasi neuro gain tu?…haa..minyak ikan mcm tu la.. cuma omega guard shaklee lebih berkualiti..hihi.. neurogain 30caps hampir guard shaklee 90 caps cume rm109… so pandai2la buat kira2 ye.
credit to chery

Anda bagaimana? Mahu mencuba Meal Shake dan omega guard tuk anak anda?? boleh hubungi saya 019 3308053 untuk mendapatkan Meal Shake dengan harga ahli… atau layari blog

Mealshake Retail price: RM113.75
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