Kenapa Saya Susukan Anak

Pernahkah anda ditanya kenapa anda menyusukan bayi? Ini dia salah satu jawapan yang anda boleh berikan..

why breastfeed?

There are many benefits for both mother and child when a woman chooses to breastfeed. Human milk is custom-made for babies, with all the right nutrients and in the right amounts. There is no guesswork involved.

benefits for baby

Here are just a few of the benefits babies stand to gain from the breastfeeding relationship:

*less gas, diarrhea, and constipation
*stronger immune systems
*higher IQ
*fewer allergies and less risk of asthma
*fewer incidences of diabetes and cancer
*less risk of childhood obesity
*less risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
*better dental and facial development, and decreased likelihood of dental caries

benefits for mom
The rewards of breastfeeding are often overlooked when it comes to mom:

*promotes bonding
*promotes uterine contractions after childbirth and reduces bleeding
*promotes weight loss
*less risk of ovarian and breast cancers
*economical—breastfeeders save over $1000 USD in the first year
*convenient—always available, and always the right temperature
*saves time—no formula to prepare, and no bottles to wash
*clean and safe—and available when normal supplies of food and water are interrupted

benefits for employers

Employers are increasingly supporting breastfeeding, for good reason—breastfed babies are healthier, and their parents miss fewer days of work.

Benefits for the PLANET

In this era of increased awareness about our impact on the planet, breastfeeding is a good green solution—there is no excess packaging, no factory processing, and no transportation necessary.


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