MealShake Vanilla…lazat,berkhasiat. .low fat & low calorie

Jom baca perkongsian dari Puan Cery:

hmmm….ade satu produk Shaklee yang saya suke sangat.MealShake French Vanilla.(ala2 milkshake McDonald)..nyummy . .. bukan saya je suka.. si Faiz pun suke..setiap kali bancuh susu dia,dia mesti pesan..”jangan lupe bancuh mealshake dalam susu Faiz ok”..(Faiz,4years old)… ..

actually Mealshake ni not only for children..untuk adult pun sesuai gak especially untuk mereka2 yang malas telan tablet banyak2……and its ideal meal untuk mereka yang menjaga diet ,kalori,sodium,fat.Naturally good nutrition n great taste.No artificial flavor,colors,sweeteners or preservatives added..

•a wholesome instant breakfast
•a delicious,inexpensive meal in hurry
•a nutrition packed meal supplement
•a detectable snack any time
•an ideal meal for people watching their weight or controlling total fat cholestrol and sodium

Shaklee Meal Shakes can be used as supplements for added nutritional insurance, delicious between-meal snacks, or beverages with meals. One serving provides approximately 1/2 of your daily requirement for essential vitamins and minerals,30% of proteins,plus trace minerals and 3grams of dietary fibers.

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