B Complex Bantu Rasa Mual Dan Loya Morning Sickness

Sambil-sambil susukan anak tiba-tiba teringat pula zaman mengandung dahulu. Biasalah saya kedua-dua kandungan mengalami morning sickness yang agak teruk. Bukan sahaja tidak boleh makan, minum, air masak pun tidak boleh telan. Rasa macam tengkorak hidup pun ada sebab semua benda tidak boleh telan. Kesian pula dengan suami setiap hari terpaksa carikan makanan untuk dicuba, tapi semua tidak berhasil. Akhirnya kena tahan wad juga untuk dimasukkan air kerana sudah kehilangan banyak cecair dalam badan.

Rindu hendak hamil lagi tapi mengenangkan morning sickness atau alahan teruk semasa mengandung membuatkan perasaan itu terbantut seketika. Masa itu tidak tahu pula fungsi B Complex boleh bantu untuk kurangkan rasa loya dan hendak muntah itu. Bariy-baru ini ada terbaca yang B Complex boleh membantu masalah ini. Harus dicuba jika mengandung lagi:)

Jalan-jalan ke blog seorang ibu tadi terjumpa ini:

” For my first 2 pregnancies I had terrible morning sickness. I was constantly woosey and generally did not feel well.. I on;y puked a few times, but constantly wished I did hoping I would feel better. At about 12 weeks for baby #2 my CNM suggested taking a B complex with B6. I purchased a bottle of super B complex with B6, B12 & a variety of other Bs. I immediately got better; however I attributed this to being at 12 weeks.

Now at baby #3 I started taking a B Complex with B6, B12 & a variety of other things from the beginning. I felt 100 % better than my previous 2 babies combined. I had to take the vitamins several times a day and would start feeling really bad if I went too long. After my first bottle was gone I purchased a bottle of B Complex without B12, and it did not help as much. Once I switch backed to a B Complex with B12 I felt better once again.
Bottom line, B Complex with B6 & B12 made me feel much better. B Complex with out B12 did not improve my state of well being as much. I needed to take the supplements to week 17.”
Not bad kan? Bertambah lagi yakin untuk cuba anak ketiga nanti hihii.
Ingin baca lagi? Ini dia pengakuan seorang ibu lain:
 chose the title of my post carefully because after six pregnancies I still haven’t found out to get rid of morning sickness completely (I know….boo! hiss!). Some women do find complete relief in one way or another, but for most of us it’s a matter of learning how to cope until the tincture of time works its magic. All I can offer here are tips on managing morning sickness.
Here’s my list of “remedies” that actually did provide some relief:
B6 and Unisom Combo: This is a “Class A” remedy that many doctors and midwives suggest to expectant mothers in lieu of expensive prescription medication. Here’s the regimen my midwife assigns me. Go to the pharmacy and buy several packages of generic Unisom (doxylamine) tablets and a big bottle of B-Complex which contains about 25 mg of B6 in each tablet.”

Tengok ni? B Complex Shaklee memang vitamin B yang lengkap!

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